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Useful Information For Our Members


The Pueblo Downtown Association Office is open
Mon - Thurs 10 AM – 3 PM
It's a good idea to call first. Times may vary depending upon need to attend meetings, etc.

Self-Guided Downtown ​Walking Tours

We have developed a couple of self-guided walking tours of historic buildings on ​Main Street and Santa Fe Avenue.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti, Section 11-9-7 The existence of graffiti on a public or private property is expressively declared to be a public nuisance and, therefore, is subject to the removal and abatement provisions specified in the full ordinance. It is the duty of both the owner and the responsible party of the property which the graffiti has been applied to at all times keep the property clear of graffiti.

Graffiti begets more graffiti. It is crucial that it be covered or removed as soon as it is discovered. Take a quick photo with your camera or cell phone and file an online police report. (If police officers aren't aware of a problem, they can do anything about it.) Products such as Kilz are available in spray cans as well as quart and gallon cans. Keep a spray can in your office or store to quickly cover gang signs or clandestine "artwork." If your building is stucco or a painted finish, you can keep a spray can, quart or gallon can on hand to cover the Kilz area after it dries. Visit PDA member stores G4 Coatings, 524 North Santa Fe Avenue, and Rush's Pueblo Lumber, 416 West 2nd Street, for graffiti removal or covering products.

Code Enforcement

Crime Stoppers ​542-STOP
Graffiti Hotline 553-2501

The Pueblo Downtown Association offers ​matching funds for outdoor security cameras. See Special Member Benefits under the ​Membership tab.

Municipal Weed Ordinance

Section 7-4-2. Destruction and removal of weeds. It shall be unlawful for any owner of land to permit weeds in excess of ten (10) inches in height to grow, lie or be located upon such land. It shall be unlawful for the owner of land not to cut, destroy or remove from such land all weeds in excess of ten (10) inches in height. (1957 Code, §13-21; Ord. No. 4222, 8-9-76; Ord. No. 4389, 11-28-77) This code pertains to any and all properties.

Free State Sales Tax Filing Classes

Colorado Department
of Revenue ​Taxation Division
offers classes to help small business owners and tax  professionals understand how to accurately ​file taxes.

Taxpayer Service Center,
827 W. 4th St., Ste A
Selected Wednesdays,
10 a.m. – noon
See website for schedule

Interested in keeping up with state tax news?
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​Follow the Colorado Taxation Blog:

Utility Providers in the City of Pueblo

Black Hills Energy
105 S Victoria Ave 

Pueblo Water
319 W. 4th Street
​PO Box 400, Pueblo 81002

Xcel Energy 
800-895-4999 (24-hour customer service)

Give A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

Concerned about panhandling? Want to help? Experts say that giving money to panhandlers only encourages them to continue and others to join them. There are agencies who can help them find a better way of life. Here is a poster in letter and legal sizes to post in your business.